Unlimited Rockets fall to the Malden Cyclones, 26-0

  • November 8, 2016

The Unlimited Rockets lost to a very tough Malden Cyclone team 26-0. The Cyclones used the big play and the same stifling defense Reading delivered to other teams all year long, to end a very successful Rocket season.
After taking the opening kickoff the Rockets were forced to punt. On the first play from scrimmage the Cyclones struck for a 70 yard touchdown pass and Malden led 8-0 after the extra points.

The Rocket defense bounced back and Dom Decrescenso and Steven Needham tackled Cyclone ball carriers for losses on the next two possessions. Troy Pollock then deflected a Cyclone pass that was intercepted by Needham.
With their back to their own end zone the Rocket offense moved the ball out of trouble. Blocking by Adam Diemer, David Lynch, Dan O”Connor, Jay Kajander, and Lucas Laurenza helped Lucas Fleming on several strong runs.  When Reading punted they had gained significant field position. The defense forced Malden to fumble on the next possession but time ran out in the half with the score 8-0.

On the first play from scrimmage in the second half Malden struck again with a 46 yard run to the 2 yard line. When they punched in for a touchdown the lead was 14-0.
Reading went to a hurry up offense to try to catch the Cyclones off guard and Troy Pollock ripped off a nifty run behind Peter Mirogiannis, Dillon Lee and Max Ramos. The Cyclones adapted however and the Rockets were forced to punt.

In the fourth quarter Malden added two late touchdowns to complete the scoring at 26-0.
My 5 year career as a writer for Reading Pop Warner has ended. It has been fun. Thank you to Chris Diemer and Paul Duross for taking notes this season. Also a huge thank you to the great coaches who helped make my son and many other boys better men. GO ROCKETS!