Rockets E Team make it Three in a Row!

  • October 2, 2018

The Reading Rockets defeated the Lowell Red Raiders at historic Cawley Stadium in Lowell behind 5 TDs by the Nicholas brothers.

The Rockets started the game on defense and held the Red Raiders after a 4th down tackle by Nicholas Marrangoni. Ryan Modestino had a tackle for a loss and Callan Mackey, Devin Nicholas and Jared Frazier had hard tackles.

The Rockets started the drive with two nice runs by Devin Nicholas off of a block by Wide Receiver Dustin Wasserboehr, who played in his first game this year (Great Job Dustin!).

The Rockets scored on a 2 yard run by Devin Nicholas after a great block by Nathan Yandle. Nico Cipriani completed the conversion for the Rockets to make it 14-0. Jake Evans did a great job snapping on the drive and keys blocks by Chase Gilblair, Dan Fitzgerald and Adam Cheverie.

Devin Nicholas broke free for a 65 yard TD to the right after blocks by Nathan Yandle, Will Alberts and Sam Alberts.

The Rockets punched back to make it 26-6 after a 65 yard TD run by Ty Nicholas to the right after a block by Jake Seery.

Reading was back on D and had nice pass protection by Jake Evans and Cam Carreiro. Kobe Johnson then knocked the Lowell QB down to force an incomplete pass, Jared Frazier, Jay Turner, and Colby Keefe has great tackles to get the ball back.

Reading scored on an 86 yard run by Ty Nicholas followed by a successful conversion by Chase Williams to make it 33-6.

The Rockets ended the game with nice defense by Adam Cheverie, Jared Frazier, and an almost interception by Tate Dolan.