Rockets A Team Defeats Dracut Moves onto the Championship

  • November 12, 2018

An energized A team came out hard against Dracut Thursday night. Giacomo Iapicca led the team off with a deep kick starting Dracut on the 28 yard line. Iapicca and Grady Diemer went in for the tackle forcing Dracut back another 3 yards. With no movement Dracut was forced to punt, giving the Rockets possession on their 36 yard line. With Ryan O’Leary at Center, James Murphy, Quarterback handed the ball off to Alex DiNapoli who broke 3 tackles to move the ball downfield. With a 4th down and 10 yards to go Murphy threw a long pass to Ryan Strout who ran for a touchdown. Max Rizza followed up with a field goal, 8 – 0 Rockets.

Dracut started their second drive of the game on the 40 yard line. Their offense managed to push through for a first down. Joe Puglielli, Mason Moreira, Eamon Centrella and Alec Grande led the tackling keeping Dracut midfield. On their 3rd down Dracut’s throw was intercepted by Aidan Bekkenhuis giving Reading possession on the 50 yard line. Quarterback James Murphy moved the ball downfield supported by a strong offense.

The second quarter started with Murphy passing the ball to Jesse Doherty who scored a touchdown. Max Rizza followed up with another good kick, 16 – 0 Rockets. Dracut took possession on the 40 yard line and on their first play, Matt DeCourcy forced a fumble. Alex DiNapoli recovered the ball and ran for the touchdown, 20 – 0 Rockets.

Reading defense continued to put pressure on a stunned Dracut team. Jesse Doherty, Eamon Centrella and Alec Grande led the tackling. Giacomo Iapicca broke up a long Dracut pass forcing a Reading takeover on downs at the Dracut 46 yard line. Murphy threw two long passes to Ryan Strout for another Rockets touchdown.

With a score of 28 – 0 the clock started running and Reading was no longer able to throw the ball. That did not stop the team from putting pressure on Dracut. The first half of the game ended with Evan Ventura and Alec Grande pressuring Dracut and another fumble.

The second half of the game went very quick with a running clock. A determined Rockets team held strong sending them to another Eastern Middlesex Championship.