Rockets A Team Defeats Brockton to End the Season 7 and 1

  • October 30, 2018

The Rockets A Team faced a tough Division 1 Brockton team on Sunday and a true test of toughness. The game started with the Rockets on the receiving end of the ball. Quarterback James Murphy threw passes to Alex DiNapoli, Aidan Bekkenhuis and Luke Benson but the Brockton defense forced a turnover on downs. A sleepy Reading defense took the field and Brockton broke through the line to score on their second play. During the extra point attempt, Ben Hennessy intercepted the ball holding Brockton at 6.

Again on the receiving end of the ball, Joe Puglielli brought the team to the Reading 39 yard line. With Rowan Manahan at Center, James Murphy drove the team downfield. With a third down and 10 yards to go Murphy threw a long pass to Aidan Bekkenhuis who broke the tackle to get to the Brockton 40 yard line. Reading picked up more yardage with two offside penalties to Brockton. Murphy broke through a tackle to get the ball to Alex DiNapoli who also broke tackle and scored tying the game. Brockton took possession and again Ben Hennessy woke up the defense by stopping Brockton from moving downfield.

The second quarter started with Reading in possession but unable to break through. Brockton took possession on downs at the Reading 45 yard line. Alex DiNapoli, Alec Grande, Grady Diemer and Eamon Centrella each came up big for the Rockets but Brockton was still able to break through for the touchdown.

The Brockton kickoff was fielded by Ryan Strout who brought Reading to the 35 yard line. James Murphy passed to Alex DiNapoli for the first down. Reading offense Max Rizza, Josh Robichaud, Ryan O’Leary and Brady Swanson pushed forward to no avail, Brockton took possession. At the Reading 30 yard line, a Brockton fumble was recovered by Joe Puglielli. James Murphy’s pass was intercepted by Brockton on the one yard line. On the next play Brockton fumbled and it was recovered by Joe Puglielli who scored for the Rockets. Max Rizza followed up with a field goal. 14 – 12 Rockets.

A lengthy second quarter continued with Giacomo Iapicca kicking off and then going in for the tackle. Reading defense came to life led by Joe Puglielli, Aidan Bekkenhuis, Alex DiNapoi and Jesse Doherty who had a big tackle in the backfield. The defense held strong with Ben Hennessy breaking up a pass leading Reading to take over on downs. James Murphy threw a long pass to Alex DiNapoli who ran it in for a touchdown. Brockton took possession and Jesse Doherty continued to put pressure on the quarterback. Aidan Bekkenhuis intercepted the ball landing Reading on the 37 yard line. Murphy threw a long pass to Ryan Strout bringing the team to the 7 yard line. Murphy threw a pass to Jesse Doherty for a touchdown. Rockets 26 – 12

The third quarter started with Brockton in possession. Luke Benson, Joe Puglielli and Tim Burns led the tackling and Reading took over on downs. With a fake, Murphy handed the ball off the Alex DiNapoli who broke a tackle for a long run downfield. Murphy followed with a handoff to Giacomo Iapicca who scored for the Rockets. Max Rizza kicked a field goal, 34 – 12 Rockets.

There was no looking back for the Rockets. The game ended with strong defense by Ethan Bean, Ben Hennessy and Brady Swanson who forced a fumble; Joe Puglielli recovered another Brockton fumble. In the fourth quarter Tim Burns sacked the quarterback and Aidan Bekkenhuis intercepted the Brockton pass. The Rockets win 34 – 12. On to the playoffs.