E Team Nabs First Win in Saugus

  • September 19, 2016

The Rocket’s E team marked their first win of the season, 6-0, in Saugus. The offense was supported with great blocking from Brady Comenos, Ethan Greatorex, Jake Whitmer, Camden McNiece and Quinn Yandle. Big blocks from Ethan Pember and Matthew O’Malley opened up holes for Ryan Pulpi to run for the games sole touchdown in the middle of the first half.

The squad played tough with strong tackles all over the field from Matthew O’Malley, Michael Zapach, Jacob Whitmer, Zachary Lindmark, Jakob Maher, Cam Harrigan, Franklin Travssos, Aidan Shaughnessy, Kamden Greatorex, Brady Anderson, Ethan Pember and Quinn Yandle. Cam Harrigan and Trevor Fiore split time at QB with each completing a pass to Michael Zapach.

Alex Merkle made an athletic interception to stop a Saugus Drive. Late in the second half Franklin Travassos had 2 great tackles. He had a key block to allow Zach Lindmark to make a solid 1st down run as well as forcing a fumble to hold Saugus from scoring.